I love what I do.
It’s my passion.

– David Castain

Personal Mantra

“The only thing in this world worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. I specialize in making people talk.” – David Castain

Founder | David Castain
Chief Executive Offcier | 2009 – Present
City | Washington, DC

“David Castain is the kind of person movies are made about.”​ – Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Forbes describes him as a “self-made millionaire, Ebony Magazine describes him as “single and sexy”, Huffington Post calls him “a marketing maven”.

David Castain is a serial entrepreneur, travel influencer, life & work coach, philanthropist, and scholar who is a member of the 2021 Forbes List, Rolling Stone Culture Council, Newsweek Expert Forum, and Entrepreneur Leadership Network. He is the Chief Executive Officer of David Castain And Associates, a conceptual marketing firm that leverages the principles of psychology to address the issues involved in the growth of a business. He’s flown more than 18 times around the globe to 50 countries to examine and reconstruct the international marketing techniques used in demographic segmentation. With clients like Berkshire Hathaway’s Cort Furniture, Uber, Chipotle and BET Networks.

David holds a Bachelor’s from Howard University in communications, a Master’s from Georgetown University in public relations and corporate communications, and is currently a business psychology Ph.D. candidate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He has a proven record of balancing marketing strategies, public relations, communication, image management, project management, financial improvements and media associated with business and politics.

Professionally, David Castain has built a distinguished reputation among some of America’s most popular businesses. According to Castain, “Every business owner is an entrepreneur and a risk taker by nature. For success to be inevitable you need a ridiculous amount of ideas, confidence and positivity. “In this society with the overabundance of downsizing and minimal budgets, David understands that exceeding client’s expectations and showing measurable progress is essential. He encourages clients to consider fees as an investment rather than an expense.

His brand is known to transform monotonous companies from unappealing to exciting. David learned early on that it is imperative to creatively meet the needs of his clients. He embraces challenges and welcomes growth opportunities for a variety of companies that include political endeavors, entertainment objectives, academic operations, and retail positioning. His hard work has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Forbes Magazine multiple times, across the globe, including Forbes Europe. He has also been recognized by Ted Talk, Yahoo, Fox News, Huffington Post, and more.

Committed to giving back to the community, he created the David Castain Foundation, a nonprofit organization geared towards changing the future of the youth and young adults in at-risk situations who may not otherwise possess the necessary tools and resources to achieve success. He also created David Castain Destinations; a traveling platform that provides insight, and preparation for exhilarating experiences across the globe. With his guidance, planning and leveraging of resources traveling can become anyone’s reality. He has charmed king cobras in Sri Lanka, danced with lions in Argentina, laid with tigers in Thailand, driven tanks in Budapest, ran with wild kangaroos in Australia, trekked the jungles of Costa Rica, ridden camels across the deserts of Qatar and watched sunsets in the Maldives.

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