About The Founder

David Castain is a noted professional social engineer as well as the President and CEO of David Castain & Associates. A consulting firm that provides effective consultation in Washington, DC.  He has a proven record of balancing marketing strategies, public relations, communication, image management, project management, financial improvements and media medium associated with business and politics.

According to Castain, “Every business owner is an entrepreneur and a risk taker by nature. For success to be inevitable you need a ridiculous amount of ideas, confidence and positivity. “

In this society with the overabundance of downsizing and minimal budgets, David understands that exceeding client’s expectations and showing measurable progress is essential. He encourages clients to consider fee’s as an investment rather than an expense.

While obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Communication and Culture with a concentration in Public Relations from Howard University, and before attending Georgetown Public Relations and corporate MPS program, David decided to start DC & A. Professionally, David Castain has built a distinguished reputation among some of America’s most popular businesses.

His brand is known to transform monotonous companies from unappealing to exciting. David learned early on that it is imperative to creatively meet the needs of his clients. He embraces challenges and welcome growth opportunities for a variety of companies that include political endeavors, entertainment objectives, academic operations and retail positioning.  His hard work has been featured in the Washington Post, District Chronicles, Bethesda Row, Hilltop Newspaper, and the WHBC Radio where he received the Rock Star Award of the Year.